Archaeological Sites Mexico

Photos taken in the seventies with Hasselblad

Negative Space triptychs

Óptica III (b) 2018

Óptica III (a) 2018

Urban Parallels | Paralelos Urbanos

  Urban Parallels, is a type of visual conversation.  As brothers, artists and researchers living on opposite sides of the world, Xavier and Reo Meade both find themselves drawn to urban graffiti and poster art as they travel. Urban Parallels brings together photographic images taken by each of them over 5 continents, highlighting their continued

Lo-Lo (media arts group show)

my contribution Wairéinga – Leaping Waters I & II I- Digital print and oil sticks Ko nag wai o Aotearoa New Zealand waters not for sale. II.- Intensive dairy farming polluting our waters milk powder • infant formula bobby calves • veal He mea waihanga a ki Aotearoa  

Óptica 2013 part 2

caraB fotos tomadas en México durante los años 70 por Xavier & Carolyna textos de Reo diseño Xavier

Óptica2013 part 1

Óptica 2013 caraA fotos de México durante los años 70 tomadas por Xavier & Carolyna textos de Carlos A Meade diseño Xavier

óptica (1978)

A publication about death, politics, and design from 1978.

70’s photos : fotos México

A first selection of Photographs taken in Mexico during the 1970s and that will be part of the planned bilingual publication “optica 2” with texts by Carlos A. Meade and Roberto Meade and photographs by xavier+carolyna.