Negative Space triptychs

Óptica III (b) 2018

Óptica III (a) 2018

Kauri Project Poster

The Kauri Poster Series was created in early 2014 as the first of an ongoing series designed to create awareness of the current situation of the Aotearoa|NZ iconic Kauri tree. This poster responds to an invitation to collaborate on the series III, including Waikato artists -Fred Graham, Adrienne Grant, Zena Elliot, James Ormsby and myself.

Kana Vinaka

Contemporary Island Cuisine by Colin Chung Book design by Xavier Meade Editorial and Design supervision by Carolyna

4×3 poster project

bookRampPress   4×3 is an exhibition, a memory-bank, and a game. Conceived and organised by Xavier Meade and John Mandelberg, this project draws on the personal archives of four artist/designers who have been active in creating and collecting politically inspired posters during the past four decades: Chris McBride (Auckland), John Mandelberg (Hamilton), John Phillips (London) and

Óptica 2013 part 2

caraB fotos tomadas en México durante los años 70 por Xavier & Carolyna textos de Reo diseño Xavier

Óptica2013 part 1

Óptica 2013 caraA fotos de México durante los años 70 tomadas por Xavier & Carolyna textos de Carlos A Meade diseño Xavier

Pūrākau : myths/legends : mitos/leyendas

Pūrākau = a Maori term referring to myths, legends and “lessons for life”. Edition of 50 posters, 11 screen-prints and one lithograph, designed and printed in Aotearoa, Cuba & Mexico.

Pakiwhaitara : Stories to tell…

For this print portfolio 20 artists from Australia, Mexico and New Zealand have contributed their interpretation of a myth or legend that has a personal resonance for them, based on fact or fiction, past or present.

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